SIZE: 32in x 42in

Newly Completed Commission

It’s worth saying that I’m a big fan of human beings. The scene unfolds like this: the husband in this story reaches out to me one day to ‘secretly’ work on a surprise painting for his wife. Little did he know that his wife and I were already discussing the painting that she wanted. Long story short, everyone wins.

The process of translating this couple’s origin story into a painting was fascinating. Makes you wonder… how much of life is fate, how much is chance, and how much do we owe to luck?

My 2023 Collection

SIZE: 60″ x 60″


Donated for the March 23, 2024 Event.

I was delighted to donate this painting to the 2024 High Museum Atlanta Wine Auction. This annual event is the southeast’s largest fundraising event and an incredible opportunity to support the High Museum.

Thank you to all of those that placed a bid and especially to the top bidder that went big and got to take it home!

…last year’s donation



It’s hard to imagine building a home around a piece of art, but I did exactly that. I instantly fell in love with the piece and knew it had to be the focal point of my home. The piece has such drama and whimsy that seeing it everyday fills me with the same joy it did the first time I laid eyes on it.

—Kevin Gillespie
Atlanta Chef & Restaurateur

A commissioned painting… this fulfilled my quest for the ideal gift for my husband — the final creation has exceeded my wildest expectations.  It is profoundly meaningful to us in a deeply personal way and beyond the private significance, is a composition that commands the interest of all who see it and its presence anchors our home.    

–Kimberly H.

At his most recent show, I was beyond thrilled to come home with my favorite “Ornamentation, Secrets and Sanctuary”. A delightful doe balancing life’s challenges on the prettiest emerald green settee… It not only speaks to me visually, Wow! by the way… it puts a smile on my face every time I walk past and admire it. I notice a little something different… and am reminded that every moment is a gift!

—Dina Woodruff
Business Owner & Entrepreneur

I have two of O.M. Norling’s paintings at my winery (Au Bon Climat) so I can admire them daily…the imagery, richness of paint, and attention to detail is captivating. It is classic. I find myself constantly needing a closer look.

—Jim Clendenen
California winemaker and owner of Au Bon Climat

This is what happens when you leave the door open in the Highlands…

–Cleve Willcoxen
Creative Genius & Intellectual Colossus