Small but Mighty.
A series of six new paintings by O.M. Norling, released November, 2018
Highly Concentrated
Six brand-new paintings from O.M. Norling were released in November. These original works are visually rich, highly fun and everything the big paintings are, only smaller. Sizes range from 12″x 12″ to 24″x 36″.
Exciting new developments are taking shape behind-the-scenes, including 20 new paintings that are underway for the next show in 2020. Stay tuned!

It’s hard to imagine building a home around a piece of art, but I did exactly that. I instantly fell in love with the piece and knew it had to be the focal point of my home. The piece has such drama and whimsy that seeing it everyday fills me with the same joy it did the first time I laid eyes on it.

—Kevin Gillespie
Atlanta Chef & Restaurateur

At his most recent show, I was beyond thrilled to come home with my favorite “Ornamentation, Secrets and Sanctuary”. A delightful doe balancing life’s challenges on the prettiest emerald green settee… children taking flight, evolution of change, the sharp edges of learning life’s lessons and most of all, the beauty that surrounds us everyday. It not only speaks to me visually, Wow! by the way… it puts a smile on my face every time I walk past and admire it. I notice a little something different… and am reminded that every moment is a gift!

—Dina Woodruff
Business Owner & Entrepreneur

I have one of O.M. Norling’s paintings at my winery (Au Bon Climat) so I can admire it daily. True, the bottle of my wine in the artwork originally caught my eye, but the imagery, richness of paint, and attention to detail is captivating. It is classic. I find myself constantly needing a closer look.

—Jim Clendenen
California winemaker and owner of Au Bon Climat

This is what happens when you leave the door open in the Highlands…

–Cleve Willcoxen
Creative Genius & Intellectual Colossus

A painting for the 2019 High Museum Atlanta Wine Auction

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Catalog Description

Value: $12,500
If Salvador Dali and Andrew Wyeth had a lovechild who grew up to paint with oils, this is what it would look like.

The mysterious O.M. Norling strikes again! A rising star in the art world, with his curious brand of visually arresting, eccentric still life compositions, Norling takes the art of metaphor to new and unexpected places.

This painting celebrates that most rare of social butterflies: one who is heavenly blessed with the gift of gab, and who, reliably, will always check his inhibitions with his coat. Norling’s metaphor takes shape as the majestic and unsuspecting he-lion bounds through open space in a dramatic but futile attempt to escape an attachment to the constant honk-honking of the vintage blow horn.

This is a must-have, one-of-a-kind masterpiece from the artist known for an obsessive attention to detail and a penchant for the unexpected visual twist. Add wine and this titan of talk will deliver lines that will both thrill and stir the pot with an almost David Copperfield-like wonder and flare. Tastemakers know, a high-spirited party simply can’t do without. Bid high or you’ll most certainly be without.

MARCH 23, 2019

SIZE: 48″ x 60″
MEDIUM: Oil on Pressed Fabric over Birchwood Panel


Six new paintings to be shown at the BASCOM in N.C., November 2019.
So excited to be showing here for the first time later this year. More details to come!
We created a folding ‘zine booklet to mark the ‘Curious Art Spectacle’ opening in January. If you’d like one, please enter your info below and we’ll mail one out to you.

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Six New Paintings from O.M. Norling
November 9th, 2018