What’s the inspiration behind this series?

Think of this series of paintings as an album of music. I have a nerdish interest in trying to spot a narrative arc in the list of song titles that make up an album’s track list. So this collection of paintings is a music album or whatever the kids call albums these days.

What’s this album about you ask? Eclectic in a word. Conceptually, think big and small, deep and silly. Also think of it as faraway. Faraway in terms of both time and proximity… something that could have happened long ago and oceans away. But faraway can also be right next to you if you don’t bother to notice the things that are close to you. Some of the pieces lean toward experimental jazz, one is most definitely a ballad, (think Every Rose Has It’s Thorn by Poison or maybe the opera piece, Nessun Dorma…José Carreras’ version, if that’s your flavor) not sure I’ve done one like this before but it’s been an incredible space to spend time in.

Sorry, no awkward band photo to accompany this one
…maybe next time.