…that was the sound that rang out across the frigid, wooded outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden the night O.M. Norling disappeared in 1932.

As some of you may know, O.M. Norling vanished under mysterious circumstances, just when things were getting interesting for him.

Some say this serial wanderer simply wandered too far, consumed by an unforgiving Nordic winter. Other rumors suggest that he embarked on a quest for happiness, failed to find it, and lived out his years as a lonely vagrant on the underside of some central European city.

Yet others say this penniless eccentric just let go of it all, stowed away on a tramp steamer, saw the world and maybe found himself along the way.

The truth is, O.M. did meet his end.
… but this end proved to be yet another beginning. O.M. had many lives …

How do I know?

Very simple…

Because my name is O.M. Norling.