Location: The Solarium

319 West Hill Street, Decatur, GA 30030


Make a night of it.

There are many wonderful and lively dining and drinking options within walking distance of the Solarium in Oakhurst. Stop by one of these places before or after you see the artwork. Here are just a few.

Awesome and an
easy walk from
the Solarium


→ Literally next-door to the Solarium

Scout conveniently sits in the heart of Oakhurst Village, with its “Main Street, U.S.A.” charm. The restaurant and bar harken a sense of Americana, speaking to nostalgia for idealized small town life and a simpler bygone time. This cultural heritage is closely tied to the fare served, embracing a creative take on American cuisine and crafted cocktails that showcase the use of local and regional products, but also emphasize authenticity, transparency, and quality.

Universal Joint

→ One block away from the Solarium

The Universal Joint offers good beer and great food with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere and an easygoing bar scene.


→ One block away from the Solarium

Where professional drinkers eat and drink… The idea behind Steinbeck’s started eight years ago in the cinque terra region of Italy, with a lovely meal at a small independent trattoria. Chalkboards lined the walls. The lack of care with which they listed their specials was diametrically opposed to the evident love that was in each dish. When the dish sold out, it was erased and the restaurant moved on with whatever was next. That commitment to freshness and constant change underlines what we expect of Steinbeck’s. We don’t have a theme nor a blueprint other than constant quality of service, food and drink.

Sceptre Brewing Arts

→ Two blocks away from the Solarium

I’m told this is where the cool people go to drink beer and eat very good bar food in our neighborhood. The claim is that this is Georgia’s first 100% craft malt certified brewery, which sounds pretty cool so is there really any doubt?


→ One block away from the Solarium

As soon as you walk through the doors of Mezcalito’s Cantina, you feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere. One of the first things you notice is a huge concrete bar filled with a variety of tequilas, mezcals, as well as other liquors. The most popular and daring drink of Mezcalito’s is, the “Devil’s Water” tequila. You won’t know spicy until you have tried a shot!

If sitting at the bar is not your thing, we have plenty of tables and, a romantic candle light ambiance during the evening times. We also have a heated patio with an amazing mural wall. No matter where you choose to sit, Mezcalito’s Cantina will offer great service, food, and drinks. Come see us today!

Ford’s BBQ

→ One block away from the Solarium

Ford’s prides itself on serving high-quality smoked meats, made-from-scratch Southern sides with a Mexican twist, and special housemade sauces. Delicious food, vintage vibes, and old-school hospitality come together in a family-friendly setting

Just a bit further
away but also


→ Less than 10 minute drive from the Solarium

Revival is a nod to Chef Kevin Gillespie’s formative years, offering a proper version of the traditional Sunday dinner served family-style and executed with his precise techniques. Following Kevin’s allegiance to Southern cuisine, Revival focuses on farm-fresh ingredients and a dining experience that reflects the traditions his own family follows.

Tortuga y Chango

→ Less than 10 minute drive from the Solarium

Tortuga y Chango, mezcaloteca y parrilla, is an authentic interpretation of the intimate mezcal bars visited throughout the Mezcal producing regions of Mexico. Our friends Mo and Stephen turned Amy and I on to this place. The food is delicious, the preparation and presentation embodies a clear passion the chef/owner has for traditional Mexican cooking. The selection of Mezcals is incredible, order a flight and enjoy!

Brick Store Pub

→ 14 minute drive from the Solarium

Brick Store Pub is a standout in City of Decatur. A+ beer selection including a range of trappist beers, i.e. Chimay, when I’m feeling prosperous.

The food and atmosphere are excellent as well. The upstairs offers a cozy place to connect with friends.

The Kimball House

→ Less than 10 minute drive from the Solarium

Serving food and drinks that reflect the seasons, farms, and personalities of the people preparing them. Humility, hospitality, and passion for our crafts are the fuel and foundation. Service with love and a sense of welcome are what you will find inside Kimball House.

Poor Hendrix

→ 20’ish minute walk from the Solarium

Poor Hendrix is a casual neighborhood bar and restaurant located in the East Lake community of Atlanta. At the bar, we offer small plates of craveable food that pair perfectly with your favorite adult beverage and in the restaurant, you’ll find simple, classic dishes that compliment an affordable but thoughtful wine list.

Leon’s Full Service

→ 15 minute drive from the Solarium

Great food, craft-cocktail drinks and atmosphere.